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Viewpoint Medical Assessment Services is a national company focused on the provision of high quality, multi disciplinary third party independent medical reporting, vocational and psychological assessment, and functional testing. We have become a recognized name brand provider of these services to members of the legal community, insurance organizations, employment, employers, and industry.

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Viewpoint specializes in providing independent opinion through a variety of assessment processes, including independent medical evaluations in all medical disciplines, documentary reviews, functional capacity and functional impairment evaluations, vocational rehabilitation assessments, neuropsychological evaluations, and multi-disciplinary assessments.

Comment Optimum Value

At Viewpoint, we understand the investment in employees and health programs involves significant expenditures of time and money. Viewpoint reduces the cost of short and long-term disability by providing effective solutions through independent medical assessment. Viewpoint Medical Assessment Services features an internal quality control systems ensure uniform, accurate and timely delivery of products and services.